Science of Reading Academy

Presented by California Department of Education, Diagnostic Center, Central California
Based on science of reading research, this course is designed to introduce teachers and other interested professionals to fundamental knowledge and skills needed for effective reading instruction and assessment practices. Knowledge and skills taught in this course are aligned with California Common Core Standards and California Dyslexia Guidelines. This course was created for professionals working in an educational setting and seeking increased understanding and skill in effective reading instruction.

Course Goal

To provide educators with a knowledge in science of reading research and practices, combined with hands-on practical skills and individualized support.

Course Format

Educators are invited to participate in 12 live virtual training sessions, self-paced individual study, and personalized support in the area of reading instruction from a science of reading perspective.

Course Fee

Participation is free to educators in California's public schools; space may be limited and administrator permission will be required. Please see course syllabus and registration form for additional details.

Upcoming Dates

Date Title Presenter
January 14, 2022 Introduction to Science of Reading Paula Velez
January 21, 2022
What is Orthographic Mapping? Paula Velez
February 4, 2022
Phonological Awareness: What It Is & Why It Matters Jodie Dittmar
February 11, 2022
Phonological Awareness Teaching Strategies Jodie Dittmar
February 18, 2022
Ask the Presenters- Open Q&A Session TBD
February 25, 2022
Decoding & Word Recognition: What It Is & Why It Matters Gwen Deeter
March 4, 2022
Decoding & Word Recognition: Teaching Strategies Gwen Deeter
March 18, 2022
Morphology, Syllabication & Vocabulary: Part 1 Patricia Deroian
March 25, 2022
Morphology, Syllabication & Vocabulary: Part 2 Patricia Deroian
April 1, 2022
Ask the Presenters- Open Q&A Session TBD
April 8, 2022
Reading Assessment: Part 1- Assessment Tools Paula Velez
April 22, 2022
Reading Assessment: Part 2- Connecting Results to Instruction Paula Velez
May 6, 2022 Structured Literacy: Part 1- Syntax & Semantics Paula Velez
May 13, 2022 Structured Literacy: Part 2- Teaching Practices Paula Velez
May 20, 2022 Ask the Presenters- Open Q&A Session TBD

For course syllabus and registration information, please contact Paula Velez at