Upcoming Events

  • Dyslexia Forum: Assistive Technology and Dyslexia in a Multi-Tier System of Support - December 2, 2022
    This Dyslexia Forum will address when and how students with dyslexia are impacted when participating in classroom instruction, completing homework or demonstrating content learning. For people with dyslexia, Assistive Technology can provide tools that ease the demands of reading and writing and allow them to learn and function more independently.
  • Executive Function Series
    An introduction to executive function that will cover various models used to understand executive function and how these skills are connected to behavior and academic performance.
  • Science of Reading Academy
    This course is designed to introduce teachers and other intrested professionals to fundamental knowledge and skills needed for effective reading instructions and assessment practices.
  • Tech Tuesday
    A series of learning events which focus on assistive technology to support individuals in the areas of organization/engagement, learning, reading, writing, mathematics and communication.

Past Events